You’ve finally completed your dissertation, only to find out that its 1000s over the word count. Since the last thing you want to do is remove any substance, it might seem impossible to cut an essay down by the amount you need. Well fear not! Getting your essay under the word limit is much easier than it seems. This post will look at my top five tips for reducing words without having to slash content. Pulverise the Passive Voice Academics
Your Questions Answered: Which Law Textbooks Should I Buy? From textbooks to revision books to case books, there are many options for law students in the UK. The problem is that buying these books for every subject can get expensive. So, which ones do you buy? This guide looks at the pros and cons of each kind of book and helps you choose the law materials which are right for you. Student Textbooks Student textbooks are summaries of the law
Ethical Veganism and Discrimination Law The media have given much attention to Casamitjana v the League Against Cruel Sports, a ‘landmark case’ in which ethical veganism was treated as a philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010. What does the case decide, and what are its implications? What is Ethical Veganism? ‘Dietary vegans’ exclude all animal products from their diet. ‘Ethical vegans‘ go further than this and exclude animal products from all aspects of their lives. This includes avoiding food,
How to Distinguish Ratio Decidendi from Obiter Dicta? Common law cases tend to be many, many pages of continuous prose. This makes it difficult to distinguish the important parts of a case from all the other comments. While there is no certain method for distinguishing obiter dicta from ratio, this guide will help you get started. What is the Ratio Decidendi? The ratio decidendi of a case is the part of the judgment which binds later courts. It is the
How to Write a First-Class Case Note Being able to write case-notes is crucial to your success studying law. As well as being a common form of assignment, they make very handy revision aids. Common law cases are often long-winded and dense, and sometimes it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees – let along remember the key parts! This post will provide you the ultimate guide to writing first-class case summaries using the FIRODA Case-Note Method.