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This quiz selects 50 random questions from the Ipsa Loquitur Contract Law question bank, so the quiz will be different each time you take it. To take all the questions on a particular subject, visit that subject's revision page.


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Bob offers to sell Arthur a wedding dress for $400. Arthur responds by asking if the veil is included for that price. What is the legal nature of Arthur's response?

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A court judges that only some aspects of an exclusion clause are unreasonable under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Is it possible to sever those elements so that the rest of the clause remains valid?

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Erica is a software programmer who was contracted to develop systems for Herbert's business. She begins to have money troubles, and asks Herbert for the extra £100 she needs to complete the project on time. Herbert accepts, because if delivery is late he will be liable to pay damages to a third-party. Has Erica provided consideration for the extra money?


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When establishing the defence of undue influence, how does the claimant demonstrate 'Type 2B' presumed influence?

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The parties agree to a contract which stipulates that the defendant will not be paid until he performs his obligations in their entirety. Can this defendant be paid even though there is a breach of contract?

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What are the three requirements of frustration?

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Are sums and benefits paid prior to an event which frustrates the contract recoverable?

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The parties have reached an agreement, but have not agreed on an important term such as the price. Is the contract void for uncertainty?

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Sophie hires Anne to install a storm drainage system in her garden. Anne's work is defective, meaning that it does not drain water properly. That summer, an unexpected storm hits and causes considerable water damage to Sophie's garden. The storm was not forecast, and is described in the media as a 'freak' occurrence. Anne argues that the storm was an unforeseeable act of nature, meaning that her breach did not cause Sophie's loss. Is Anne correct?

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For the purposes of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, when is a contract term 'for the benefit' of a third party? (Two answers)

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When is an exclusion or limitation clause unfair under the Consumer Rights Act 2015?

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Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, when is a clause 'in good faith'?

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Laura contracts Stephen to personally ghost-write her memoirs. Since Stephen knows her best, it is not possible for Laura to obtain another person to write the book. The relationship falls apart and Stephen refuses to write the book. Can Laura obtain an order for specific performance?


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When are damages in deceit available for a misrepresentation?

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Where a third party has a claim under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, can a party to the contract sue for damages incurred by the third party?

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Which four of the following scenarios normally involve an invitation to treat and not an offer?

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Complete this sentence: The defence of economic duress renders the contract...

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Dennis owes Maureen £1000. He asks her if she will discharge the debt if he pays her £500. Maureen agrees, because she needs the money to avoid being liable to a third-party and therefore thinks the arrangement is practically beneficial. Has Dennis provided consideration for Maureen's promise to accept the lesser amount?

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Kefka hires Lenne as an employee to help manage her business. The employment contract includes a clause stating that any breach of contract claim against Kefka may not include a claim for an injunction. Is this clause subject to the requirement of reasonableness under the Unfair Contract Clause Act 1977?

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Kefka and Lenne enter into a business contract for the benefit of Celes, expressly granting her rights to sue for breach under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. The contract also provides that both Kefka and Lenne can rely on a particular exclusion clause if they are sued for negligence by Celes. Lenne breaches the contract in a way which triggers this exclusion clause. Can Celes succeed in a claim against Lenne?


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Alice contracts Bill to install new fans in her restaurant. Bill completes the work defectively, causing a fan to fall on Alice's head. She suffers a brain injury and develops depression as a result. Can Alice recover damages for her mental illness and emotional distress?


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Can a person rely on any of the three categories of presumed influence when trying to establish undue influence to challenge the will of a deceased person?


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In which three scenarios must an exclusion or limitation clause satisfy the requirement of reasonableness under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 before it can be enforced?

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What two conditions must be met for an agreement to be sufficiently certain to form a contract?

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When will the courts imply a term into a contract in fact? (Two answers)

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Emmy purchases a new fish tank filter from Lee. The filter is defective, and it shuts down. Emmy's incredibly rare and expensive fish die as a result. Lee argues that he should not be liable as it was unforeseeable that the breach would cause such a high degree of loss. Is he correct?


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Joanie has established a presumption that her lawyer, Richard, influenced her when she sold her house to him. To establish undue influence, what does she need to do to show that the influence was undue?

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The courts may imply terms in law into custom, specialised contracts. True or false?


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Micah contracts with John for a package holiday. In breach of contract, John fails to make the appropriate reservations, leaving Micah stranded abroad without a hotel for several days. Micah suffers a severe stress reaction as a result. Can Micah recover damages for her emotional distress?


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On Saturday, Roger offers to sell Tyrone a car. He asks him to respond by next Thursday if he accepts. Tyrone sends Roger a letter by post on Monday agreeing to the deal, but it is lost in the post and never arrives. Has Tyrone accepted the offer?


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The parties agree to a contract which makes provision for what will happen if a particular event happens. That event happens, and makes the contract impossible to perform. Does the defence of frustration apply?


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In what two scenarios are the courts likely to refuse to rescind a contract which has been rendered voidable by misrepresentation?

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When will the courts imply a customary term into a contract?

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When will the breach of an innominate term entitle the innocent party to terminate the contract?

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Katie and Andrew enter into a contract which states that Andrew will deliver Thompson apples to Katie. The parties are not aware that there are actually two kinds of Thompson apples - Virginia Thompson apples and Alabama Thompson apples. The two types of apple taste very different and have very different uses. Andrew intends to ship Virginia Thompson apples, while Katie is expecting to receive Alabama Thompson apples. Is the contract void for mutual mistake?

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Complete this sentence: The defence of mistake renders the contract...

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In which three scenarios can an exclusion or limitation clause be incorporated into a contract at common law?

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When establishing the defence of undue influence, how does the claimant demonstrate the category of presumed influence established in Malik (Deceased) v Shiekh?

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At common law, can a third-party who did not provide consideration for a contract rely on the terms of that contract?

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Maisy enters into a contract over the phone with a man falsely claiming to be her long-lost cousin, John. In reality, Maisy does not have a long-lost cousin named John. Maisy later seeks to argue that she should not be bound by the contract, because she would not have entered into the contract had she known the man was not her cousin. Is the man's identity a vital term of the contract?

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Pierre agrees to buy a priceless painting from Sophie to display in his house, for several million pounds. He does not intend to pay. Sophie is now saying that she will refuse to hand over the painting. Can Pierre obtain an order for specific performance?


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Does the postal rule apply to cases where an offeror is seeking to withdraw his offer?


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In promissory estoppel, what three factors are relevant when determining whether it would be inequitable to renege on a promise?

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What are the two requirements of the defence of misrepresentation?

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What are the elements for determining whether a prohibitory injunction should be granted? (Three answers)

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Annabelle tells the swim team she is coaching that she will give £500 to the first of them that swims the English Channel. Ricardo swims the English Channel the next day, and then calls Annabelle asking for the money. Is Annabelle obliged to pay him?


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The defence of frustration renders a contract void. True or false?


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Sean offers to sell his collection of nerdy T-Shirts to Chris, for £40. Chris accepts, saying that his father will provide the money. Have Sean and Chris both provided consideration?


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For the purposes of unilateral mistake, when is a term 'vital' to the contract?

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In what four circumstances is an offer terminated without the offeror having to withdraw it?

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