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Test yourself on the principles of contract law.

This quiz selects 50 random questions from the Ipsa Loquitur Contract Law question bank, so the quiz will be different each time you take it. To take all the questions on a particular subject, visit that subject's revision page.


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Rod advertises on a website saying he is looking to pay someone to look after his hamster for the weekend. Rosie responds, agreeing. The two draw up a written agreement, which includes a clause saying that it is binding in honour only. Is this agreement a valid contract?


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What kinds of clauses cannot be void for unfairness under the Consumer Rights Act 2015?

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When establishing the defence of undue influence, how does the claimant demonstrate 'Type 2A' presumed influence?

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What is the parol evidence rule?

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What are the three requirements of frustration?

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When will an injunction be refused despite the relevant test being met? (Three answers)

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Dennis owes Maureen £1000. He asks her if she will discharge the debt if he gives her his car, which is worth £800. Maureen agrees because she loves the car. Has Dennis provided consideration for Maureen's promise to discharge the debt?

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Complete this sentence: The defence of duress to the person renders the contract...

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Promissory estoppel can be used to sue for damages or the recovery of payments where a party to a contract reneges on a promise not to enforce terms of the contract. True or false?


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A person enters into a contract to sell a car, and later discovers the contract is voidable. However, before they can end the contract, they discover that the car has been destroyed. Can the contract be voided?


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How can an offeror validly withdraw their offer?

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What two conditions must be met for an agreement to be sufficiently certain to form a contract?

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Dennis owes Maureen £1000. He asks her if she will discharge the debt if he pays her £500. Maureen agrees, because she needs the money to avoid being liable to a third-party and therefore thinks the arrangement is practically beneficial. Has Dennis provided consideration for Maureen's promise to accept the lesser amount?

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What two elements will the courts consider when determining whether an exclusion clause covers negligent breach in cases where the clause does not explicitly mention negligence?

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Dennis owes Maureen £1000. Dennis asks Maureen if she will discharge the debt if his sister Dee pays her £600. Maureen agrees. Has Dennis provided consideration for Maureen's promise to discharge the debt?

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When are damages considered inadequate for the purposes of obtaining specific performance as a remedy? (Two answers)

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Anderson purchases a train ride from Smith. Just before the contract is formed, Smith issues Anderson a receipt and a ticket, both of which have an exclusion clause on the front in large, bold letters. Anderson is not aware of there being any exclusion clause because he does not read either document. Is the exclusion clause part of the contract?

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The parties agree to a contract which makes provision for what will happen if a particular event happens. That event happens, and makes the contract impossible to perform. Does the defence of frustration apply?


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Joanie has established that a neighbour of hers, Richard, pressured her into selling her house to him. To establish undue influence, what does she need to do to show that the influence was undue?

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If the literal wording of an express term does not make commercial sense, the courts will intervene to make it more commercially efficient. True or false?


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Which four of the following scenarios normally involve an invitation to treat and not an offer?

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What two elements must the claimant show to obtain the cost of cure measure of damages?

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When is the hypothetical fee measure of damages available in contract?

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A party to the contract purports to terminate the contract because of the defendant's breach. They give an invalid reason for terminating, but unbeknownst to them, the defendant has committed some other breach which entitles the innocent party to terminate. Is the innocent party in repudiatory breach because of their actions?

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Erica is a software programmer who was contracted to develop systems for Herbert's business. She begins to have money troubles, and asks Herbert for the extra £100 she needs to complete the project on time. Herbert accepts, because if delivery is late he will be liable to pay damages to a third-party. Has Erica provided consideration for the extra money?


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In which three scenarios must an exclusion or limitation clause satisfy the requirement of reasonableness under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 before it can be enforced?

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Which three factors indicate that a court should not imply a term in fact?

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For the purposes of the defence of economic duress, can a lawful threat be illegitimate?


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What are the elements for determining whether a mandatory injunction should be granted? (Four answers)

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If a contract is voidable, can either party rely on its terms?

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Maisy enters into a contract over the phone with a man falsely claiming to be her estranged cousin, John. Maisy later seeks to argue that she should not be bound by the contract, because she would not have entered into the contract had she known the man was not John. Is the man's identity a vital term of the contract?

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Can the innocent party prove that a misrepresentation caused them to enter the contract if they had the opportunity to verify the statement, but did not?


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Clarence offers to sell Pam a table and chairs set for $300. He adds that if Pam does not respond to him within the week, he will assume that she has accepted. Pam does not respond within the week, nor does she positively indicate acceptance in any other way. Has Pam accepted the offer?


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Does the claimant need to establish that but for the threat, they would not have entered into the contract if they are trying to prove duress to the person?


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The defence of frustration renders a contract voidable. True or false?


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In which two scenarios can a person rely on the defence of undue influence against a third-party?

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Alfred contracts with Zin to help deal with the communications side of his business. The contract between them states that Zin is not liable for damages resulting from her handling of messages 'howsoever caused'. Will the courts interpret this wording as expressly covering negligence?


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Joanie has established a presumption that her lawyer, Richard, influenced her when she sold her house to him. To establish undue influence, what does she need to do to show that the influence was undue?

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When is an existing contract discharged? (Three answers)

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A contract between a business and a consumer contains a contract term which the courts have judged to be unfair. Who can rely on the clause?

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Annabelle tells the swim team she is coaching that she will give £500 to the first member of the team that swims the English Channel. Ricardo, one of the team members, is not present. The next day he decides to swim the English Channel for fun, not knowing about Annabelle's offer. If he completes the challenge, is Annabelle bound to pay him the money?


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Jules breaches a condition clause of his contract with Amy. Amy sees that she cannot sue Jules for damages, because there is an exclusion clause in the contract preventing her from doing so. She therefore terminates the contract, relying on the fundamental breach. She argues that since the contract is terminated, the exclusion clause is no longer applicable and she can now sue for damages. Is Amy correct?


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Does the postal rule apply to cases where an offeror is seeking to withdraw his offer?


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For an exclusion or limitation clause to be incorporated into a contract by notice, the party relying on the term must have actually made the other party aware of it. True or false?


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David induces Mary to enter into a contract to buy a car by promising that he will service the car before he gives it to her. He has no intention of doing so. Is this an actionable misrepresentation?


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Richard offers to sell Michael a book. Richard knows that Michael believes that the book is signed by the author. Richard did nothing to make him believe this, but nor does he correct Michael. Michael relies on his belief that the book is signed when deciding to buy it. Can Michael rely on the defence of misrepresentation?


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Fatima is looking to sell an antique doll, which is worth £3000. Paul offers to buy it for £5. Fatima accepts, as she is in a hurry to get rid of the doll as it spooks her. Have both parties provided consideration?

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Complete this sentence: The defence of economic duress renders the contract...

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For the purposes of the defence of duress, what factors are relevant to whether the innocent party has a practical choice? (Three answers)

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Where a claim is made by a third party under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, which three defences can the defendant rely on?

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