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Test yourself on the principles of criminal law.

This quiz selects 50 random questions from the Ipsa Loquitur Criminal Law question bank, so the quiz will be different each time you take it. To take all the questions on a particular subject, visit that subject's revision page.


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Lauren steals a car from Celestine and sells it to Ricky, who is unaware the car is stolen. Ricky then sells and gives the car to Julie, who does know the car was originally stolen from Celestine. Has Julie committed the offence of handling stolen goods?

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Celia falls out of the window of her 8th storey apartment. When she passes the 4th storey window, she is hit by a bullet fired by William and killed instantly. It was certain that Celia would have died on hitting the ground. Did William cause Celia's death?


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Paul knowingly makes a statement to Joanne, attempting to get Joanne to give him money. The statement is true and Paul believes it is true, but later it becomes false and he discovers this. Joanne hands over the money after Paul has discovered the fact is now false. Has Paul committed fraud by false representation?


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The defendant dishonestly tricks the victim into writing him a cheque. The defendant provided consideration. The defendant has taken the cheque but not cashed it. What has the defendant stolen?

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Harley has a social development disorder, which leads her to believe that Arthur was signalling consent to sex with his body language. Arthur is not in fact consenting, but does not resist as he is afraid of Harley. When charged under section 4 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, Harley argues that she had a reasonable belief in consent. Can her mental disorder be taken into account?


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Can you conspire to aid or abet an offence?

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Murder is a crime of specific intent. True or false?


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Chip learns that his husband Frederick is no longer in love with him. When confronted, Frederick calmly explains that Chip has not done anything wrong, they just drifted apart. Chip responds by shooting him dead in a fit of anger. At trial for murder, he argues that he lost control in response to circumstances of an extremely grave character that caused him to feel justifiably and seriously wronged. Is he likely to establish a qualifying trigger for the loss of control defence?


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Harley and Arthur are having sex. After vaginal penetration, Harley decides she wants to stop and tells Arthur to stop. Arthur does not stop, and later argues that what he did was not rape because Harley consented to the initial penetration. Is this argument correct?


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What two elements must the prosecution prove to show assault?

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Paul knowingly makes a statement to Joanne, believing it to be false and attempting to fool Joanne into giving him money. She hands over the money. The statement just happens to be true. Has Paul committed an offence?

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Which of the following three structures could constitute a building for the purposes of the burglary offence?

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Jessie hopes that James will murder Ash. She leaves a knife by his bed, hoping this will encourage him to do the deed. James was planning to murder Ash anyway, but when he sees the knife he decides he will use it. James murders Ash with the knife. Is Jessie an accessory to murder?


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Margaret shoots a gun at Robert, intending to kill him. She misses and destroys a window. Could she be successfully prosecuted for destroying the property with intent to endanger life?


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Lacy burns down a house for insurance money, knowing that Eric is inside, handcuffed to a bed and unable to escape. She claims she did not want Eric dead. However, she says she thought that it was very likely that he would die, as she cannot remember whether the key to the handcuffs was left close enough for Eric to reach. Did Lacey intend to kill Eric?


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Amanda creates a program designed to steal money from banking websites. She sets the program in motion. Before any money is taken from the banks, Amanda changes her mind. She calls the bank and warns them of the cyber-attack, allowing them to stop the program. Can Amanda be convicted of attempting to commit an offence?


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A defendant agrees with another person to commit a criminal offence. In what circumstances will this not amount to criminal conspiracy?


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What are the two elements of the defence of persons defence?

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A defendant is very intoxicated on alcohol when he commits an offence. Does this negate the mens rea for the offence?


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Section 20 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 is a crime of specific intent. True or false?


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For the purposes of the offence of possessing articles for fraud, the defendant does not need to physically possess the article. True or false?


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Harold is randomly stopped in the street, holding a perfectly ordinary-looking, sealed package. He is asked whether there are drugs inside. Harold answers that he is not certain, because the package is not his and he found it at a bus-stop. However, Harold also says that he thinks it is likely that the package contains drugs because the wood elves in his garden told him so, and they don't often lie. The package is full of cocaine. The police want to charge him with an offence which stipulates that the defendant has reasonable grounds to suspect they possess drugs. Does Harold meet this criteria?


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A defendant has been charged with attempting to commit a criminal offence. The mens rea of the underlying offence is met if the defendant suspects or has reason to believe a particular fact. What mens rea must the prosecution prove for the offence?


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Harley has vaginal sex with Arthur. She knows that he is not consenting. Which offence has Harley committed?


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For the purposes of theft, is there an appropriation if the defendant has the owner's permission to interact with the property?

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Michael threatens Adrian that he will reveal sensitive information if Adrian does not have sex with him. Has Michael committed blackmail?

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Caleb and Cassandra have a blazing argument about Cassandra's drug taking habit. Caleb hands Cassandra a needle full of heroin, and tells her to knock herself out, and that he won't help her again if she overdoses. Cassandra overdoses, and Caleb does nothing. Cassandra dies. Caleb is charged with unlawful act manslaughter. The prosecution rely on his supplying Cassandra drugs as the unlawful act. Will Caleb be found guilty?


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For the purposes of the offence of threats to destroy or damage property, must the victim interpret the defendants actions as a threat?


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When establishing self-defence or defence of others, can the defendant rely on any mistaken beliefs as to the circumstances that are the result of his being voluntarily intoxicated?


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When does a person 'possess' property for the purposes of theft?

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The definition of 'touching' requires contact with or pressure on the victim's skin. True or false?


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Paul knowingly makes a statement to Joanne, attempting to get Joanne to give him money. The statement is true and Paul believes it is true, but later it becomes false and he discovers this. Joanne hands over the money after Paul has discovered the fact is now false. Has Paul committed fraud by non-disclosure?


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Louise is a woman, who agrees with Thomas, a man, that Thomas will rape John. Louise is charged with conspiracy to commit rape. She argues in her defence that this is not possible, because a woman cannot commit rape. Is this a valid argument?

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Can an offence of strict liability form the basis of constructive manslaughter?


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Amanda and Kevin are both 15 years old, but Amanda tells Kevin she is 16 and Kevin believes her because she looks older. Amanda tells Kevin she would like to have sex with him, and he agrees. They have sex. Has Kevin committed one of the sexual offences against a child under 16?

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Harold decides to steal from Richard's house. He is let into the building by Richard's daughter Yula, who is in love with him. Yula lives in the house, but does not own or occupy it. Can Harold be convicted of burglary?

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When is a defendant dishonest?

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Yulia shoots Mia in the abdomen, causing Mia to go into early labour. The child is born alive, but dies a few days due to complications from the premature birth. Yulia intended to kill Mia. Has Yulia committed murder against the baby?


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When establishing the offence of blackmail, the prosecution must show that:

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Emmy stabs at Ricky with a blunt kitchen knife. The attack tears the top layer of Ricky's skin off and causes horrific bruising. Has Emmy wounded Ricky?


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What kinds of offences can be the subject to liability for an attempt?


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In which two scenarios is the defendant's intoxication relevant to his guilt for an offence?

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Theresa enters Richard's house, intending to steal his jewellery. Once inside, she encounters Richard, and panics, picking up a nearby knife. Should Theresa be charged with ordinary burglary or aggravated burglary?

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For the purposes of blackmail, what is 'menaces'?

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Can the defence of self-defence be relied on where the force is used pre-emptively?

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For the purposes of theft, is there an appropriation if as part of the appropriating act the defendant acquires indefeasible property in the object?


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In which two circumstances is an act is sexual?

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What four elements does the prosecution need to show to establish gross negligence manslaughter?

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What two elements must the prosecution prove to show battery?

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Battery is a crime of basic intent. True or false?


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