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Test yourself on the principles of criminal law.

This quiz selects 50 random questions from the Ipsa Loquitur Criminal Law question bank, so the quiz will be different each time you take it. To take all the questions on a particular subject, visit that subject's revision page.


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For the purposes of constructive manslaughter, can a defendant rely on mistaken beliefs they possess?


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Camilla is fed up with her partner, Adrian. She deliberately winds them up to let off some steam. She knows there is a risk that Adrian will become seriously violent if she does this, but is past the point of caring. When Adrian becomes violent, Camilla draws a knife and stabs them. Does Camilla have a qualifying trigger for when she tries to establish the defence of loss of control?


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The prosecution is trying to establish unlawful act manslaughter against the defendant. While the defendant admits to committing the unlawful act, they argue that their unlawful act was not directed against the victim, but against the victim's property. The defendant foresaw that the victim might be injured by his act. Are the prosecution likely to succeed?


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Harold is randomly stopped in the street, holding a perfectly ordinary-looking, sealed package. He is asked whether there are drugs inside. Harold answers that he is not certain, because the package is not his and he found it at a bus-stop. However, Harold also says that he thinks it is likely that the package contains drugs because the wood elves in his garden told him so, and they don't often lie. The package is full of cocaine. The police want to charge him with an offence which stipulates that the defendant has reasonable grounds to suspect they possess drugs. Does Harold meet this criteria?


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Elsie steals a necklace from a store, and exchanges it for a bicycle. Is the bicycle stolen?


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Psychiatric illness cannot constitute grievous bodily harm. True or false?


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What two things must a person be able to do to consent to a sexual act?

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Is duress a defence to murder?

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Yulia shoots Mia in the abdomen, causing Mia to miscarry her child. Yulia intended to kill Mia. Has Yulia committed murder against the baby?


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The prosecution is seeking to establish the offence of burglary. For the purposes of showing that the defendant entered the building, the prosecution must show that the defendant was sufficiently within the building to commit the offence. True or false?


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What is the mens rea of murder?

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Lauren steals a car from Celestine and sells it to Ricky, who is unaware the car is stolen. Ricky then sells and gives the car to Julie, who does know the car was originally stolen from Celestine. Has Julie committed the offence of handling stolen goods?

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When is a defendant reckless as to a consequence happening or a circumstance existing?

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Micah mistakenly believes that Joseph is threatening to kill her unless she robs a bank. Can she rely on her mistaken belief to establish the defence of duress?

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Celestine is a school nurse. Mark, a seventeen-year-old, is brought in with a suspected case of tonsillitis. Mark is sulking, so he refuses to let Celestine have a look inside his mouth. She threatens to 'belt him' if he does not comply. Mark knows that school staff have hit students before, so he reluctantly allows her to look in his mouth and touch the inside with tools. Celestine is charged with battery, and argues that she has the defence of consent because Mark allowed her to do what she did. Will this defence succeed?


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What is the mens rea of criminal damage?

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A defendant is very intoxicated on alcohol when he commits an offence. Does this negate the mens rea for the offence?


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In which three circumstances specified by the Theft Act 1968 will a defendant not be considered dishonest?

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What must the prosecution show to establish unlawful act manslaughter?

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Murder is a crime of specific intent. True or false?


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The defendant borrows the victim's wedding ring, and loans it to a pawn store. He intends to pay the loan off and get the ring back, at which point he will return it. Is it possible to convict the defendant of theft?

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What three elements must the defendant show to establish loss of control?

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Lucy, Theo and Marius were trapped in a sinking ship. To buy time pending the arrival of a rescue vessel, Lucy threw Theo overboard. Theo drowned. Lucy has been charged with murdering Theo. She proves that if she did not kill Theo, the ship would have sunk and she and Marius would have died. Can she rely on the defence of necessity?


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What three elements must a defendant show to establish diminished responsibility?

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For the prosecution to prove robbery, must there be an assault?


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What must the prosecution demonstrate to show one of the sexual offences against children under 16?

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Rape is a crime of basic intent. True or false?


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Amanda and Kevin are both 15 years old, but Amanda tells Kevin she is 16 and Kevin believes her because she looks older. Amanda tells Kevin she would like to have sex with him, and he agrees. They have sex. Has Kevin committed one of the sexual offences against a child under 16?

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Liza purchases a car from Ricky, not realising or suspecting that it is stolen. Has she 'appropriated' the car?


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Omar takes prescription medicine for depression. One day, he has a rare reaction to the medicine which causes him to involuntarily commit a criminal offence. The prosecution argue that he cannot rely on the defence of automatism, because he voluntarily took the medicine which caused the automatism. Will this argument succeed?


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Alfred is a doctor treating Zin, a comatose patient. He turns off her life support machine, and she dies due an inability to breathe unassisted. Has Alfred killed Zin by an act or an omission?

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The actus reus and mens rea of an offence do not need to coincide. True or false?


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For the purposes of constructive manslaughter, when is an unlawful act dangerous?

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Is consent normally a defence to an offence which causes bodily harm?

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For the purposes of theft, is there an appropriation if as part of the appropriating act the defendant acquires indefeasible property in the object?


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Theresa enters Richard's house, intending to steal his jewellery. Once inside, she encounters Richard, and panics, picking up a nearby knife. Should Theresa be charged with ordinary burglary or aggravated burglary?

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Rachel owns a house which she rents out to young families. There is no one living in it at the moment as she is having the kitchen renovated. During the period in which the house is empty, it is burgled by John. Is the building a dwelling?


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Theresa smacks her three-year-old daughter when she misbehaves. It leaves a bruise, and Theresa is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. She argues that she was engaging in reasonable chastisement. Is this a defence to this offence?

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Tyrion shoots an air-rifle at Circe. Circe is killed because of her weak heart. A healthy person would not have died. Is Tyrion a legal cause of Circe's death?


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Tyrion shoots an air-rifle at Circe. Circe is shot in the stomach. She is told by paramedics that she can be saved by a blood transfusion, but she refuses to consent because she is a Jehovah's Witness. She dies. Is Tyrion a legal cause of Circe's death?


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What are the two elements of the defence of persons defence?

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What two elements must the prosecution prove to show battery?

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In which two scenarios will an act of the victim in bringing about a proscribed consequence break the chain of causation between the defendant's acts or omissions and the consequence?

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Daphne is a doctor who is treating Gillian for a terminal disease. Gillian is in considerable pain and asks for morphine. Daphne agrees and gives him a dose which causes him to die several days before he would otherwise. When questioned by police, she says she was just trying to help his pain and did not want him to die, though she knew that it was certain that he would. Has Daphne committed murder?

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Which two are qualifying triggers for the loss of control defence?

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Margaret shoots a gun at Robert, intending to kill him. She misses and destroys a window. Could she be successfully prosecuted for destroying the property with intent to endanger life?


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For the purposes of the offence of possessing articles for fraud, the article must have only illegal functions. True or false?


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Micah is charged with stealing drugs from a pharmacist. They rely on the defence of duress, arguing that they were under the threat of serious injury or death as they were withdrawing heavily from medication at the time. Is the defence likely to succeed?


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When is a person legally considered dead?

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What two elements must the prosecution establish to convict a defendant of an offence under section 18 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861?

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