R v Thomas (Emyrs) – Case Summary

R v Thomas (Emyrs)

Court of Appeal

Citations: (1985) 81 Cr App R 331.


The appellant was convicted of indecent assault of several minors. One of the convictions was for rubbing the hem of a 12-year-old’s skirt before she pushed him away. Appealing his conviction, the appellant argued that what he did was merely assault, not indecent assault.

  1. Was touching a girl’s skirt ‘indecent’?

The Court of Appeal held that touching the hem of a girl’s skirt was merely assault, not indecent assault.

This Case is Authority For…

Ackner LJ clarified that touching a person’s clothes while they are wearing them is equivalent to touching the person for the purposes of criminal offences which require touching.


This case also concerned the old rules on corroboration of evidence. These rules are no longer good law.